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About Kirk Consulting Group

REPRESENTATION IN TALLAHASSEE is a requisite for many organizations with business in Florida. Public policy enacted by the executive and legislative branches and enforced through the regulatory process has an effect on every aspect of commerce. Decisions are shaped in part by public opinion, grassroots networking, media coverage and the voice of individuals, organizations, and institutions. A strong Tallahassee presence is necessary to enable these views to be communicated.

KIRK CONSULTING GROUP, Inc. has established a reputation and gained respect for the quality of the service offered to clients in this critical role of representation. The firm educates and empowers organizations in navigating the increasingly complex environment of state and local government relations through strategic advisory to corporations, non-profit organizations, county & municipal governments and individuals.

Providing clients with a thorough understanding of Florida’s landscape allows Kirk Consulting Group to shape winning strategies for our clients.

We use our institutional expertise and network of information to assist clients in developing effective strategies to deal with legislative, regulatory, and political matters. A total commitment to the accomplishment of a task is the pledge and guarantee we offer to our clients.

Erik H. Kirk, President

Professional Affiliations
  • Florida Association of Professional Lobbyists
  • Floridas Foundation
  • 211 of the Big Bend
  • South Florida Science Museum
  • Foundation for Excellence in Education
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