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Our Mission

Kirk Consulting Group’s role involves affecting the adoption or amendment of laws, the identification, pursuit and awarding of state agency contracts, advising clients on the political dynamics of state contracting, identifying and educating lawmakers on the funding of institutional projects, achieving regulatory relief or protection, or more generally improving a client's profile with the government.

Kirk Consulting Group has built a solid foundation for clients through experiences at both the state and local levels and through extensive efforts in the private sector. Our goal is to fulfill the client’s need whether through drafting legislation and crafting supporting materials, developing and implementing strategies to secure legislation clients favor or to defeat potentially adverse legislation.

KCG implements the Team Approach to government relations by developing key partnerships with lawmakers, policy makers, and other governmental consultants to achieve both the clients' immediate and long-term goals. We recognize the essential need to articulate the most compelling message while selecting the most effective messengers possible.

Providing the client with insight into the organization, its players, and what opportunities are on the horizon are the cornerstones to Kirk Consulting Group’s agency advocacy. Understanding the scope of a project, the agency’s history in providing a particular state service and if desired, which team to network the client onto encompasses the services provided to clients.

When seeking opportunities in Florida, a client should only engage the services of a governmental consultant if that vendor has adequately assessed what their Return of Investment (ROI) is. Kirk Consulting Group has a proven track record of accomplishment and has continuously demonstrated its relationships are more entrenched than simply the “C” or Executive level within an agency.

Government regulations often are very complex and have significant impact on the regulated community. Regulatory action can necessitate significant changes in the way companies operate, forcing companies to expend significant sums to comply with new regulations or cease operations altogether. Kirk Consulting Group advises clients on regulatory, administrative and policy issues before all departments and agencies of Florida government. We offer a background in advising clients in administrative matters, rule-making proceedings and government contract negotiations and review.